Islamic Names in Bengali: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Name for Your Child

Islamic Names in Bengali
Islamic Names in Bengali

Islamic names are names that are inspired by the Quran, the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, or other aspects of Islamic faith and culture. They are often chosen because they have beautiful meanings or because they are associated with positive qualities.

Islamic names are considered to be very important in Islam. They are believed to be a reflection of the child’s personality and character, and they are also seen as a way to bless the child and protect them from harm.

Popular Islamic names in Bengali, along with their meanings

Here are some popular Islamic names in Bengali, along with their meanings:


  • Aadam (আদম): Man, first human being created by Allah.
  • Abu Bakr (আবু বকর): Father of the Faithful, the first caliph of Islam.
  • Abdullah (আবদুল্লাহ): Servant of Allah.
  • Abdul Aziz (আবদুল আজিজ): Servant of the Mighty.
  • Abdul Hamid (আবদুল হামিদ): Servant of the Praiseworthy.
  • Abdullah-al-Muttalib (আবদুল মুত্তালিব): Servant of the Father of the Elephant (refers to the story of the elephant, an event that took place during the time of Prophet Abraham).
  • Abdullah-ibn-Abbas (আবদুল ইবনে আব্বাস): Servant of Allah, son of Abbas.
  • Abdul Qadir (আবদুল কাদির): Servant of the Powerful.
  • Abdul Rahman (আবদুল রহমান): Servant of the Merciful.
  • Eesa (ঈসা): Jesus.
  • Faisal (ফাইসাল): One who decides.
  • Farhan (ফরহান): Joy, happiness.
  • Hasan (হাসান): Good, beautiful, kind.
  • Hussain (হুসাইন): Handsome, bright, intelligent.
  • Ibrahim (ইব্রাহিম): Father of many nations, one of the prophets of Islam.
  • Imran (ইমরান): A pious man mentioned in the Quran.
  • Ismail (ইসmail): A prophet of Islam, son of Abraham.
  • Jaber (জাবের): One who helps.
  • Kasim (কাসিম): One who divides.
  • Khalid (খালিদ): Immortal.
  • Muhammad (মুহাম্মদ): Praised, one who is often praised, the name of the Prophet of Islam.
  • Nabeel (নাবিল): Noble, high-born.
  • Omar (ওমর): Long life.
  • Qasim (কাসিম): One who divides.
  • Rashid (রশিদ): Rightly guided.
  • Saad (সাদ): Happiness, joy.
  • Talha (তালহা): Hard rock, firm.
  • Umar (ওমর): Long life.
  • Usman (উসমান): Steadfast, firm.
  • Yasir (ইয়াসির): Easy, simple.
  • Zaid (যায়েদ): Increase, growth.
  • Zayn (জয়ন): Beauty, grace.


  • Aafreen (আফ্রিন): One who is free from sin.
  • Aisha (আয়েশা): Life, a beautiful woman, the youngest wife of Prophet Muhammad.
  • Aliya (আলিয়): Exalted, high.
  • Fatima (ফাতিমা): A flower, a girl, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad.
  • Hafsa (হাফসা): Young gazelle.
  • Hana (হানা): Grace, elegance.
  • Hasna (হাসনা): Beautiful, pretty.
  • Huda (হুদা): Guidance.
  • Jahan (জহান): World.
  • Khairunissa (খাইরুন নেসা): The best of women.
  • Maryam (মরিয়ম): The mother of Jesus, pious, pure.
  • Naima (নাইমা): Happiness, joy.
  • Rabia (রাবিআ): Spring, blooming.
  • Ruqayyah (রুকাইয়া): A young branch, a beautiful girl.
  • Salma (সালমা): Peaceful, tranquil.
  • Sana (সানা): Praise, glory.
  • Suha (সুহা): Dawn.
  • Zainab (জায়নাব): Beautiful, fragrant.
  • Zuhra (জুহরা): Venus, the brightest star in the sky.

The history of Islamic names in Bengal

The history of Islamic names in Bengal dates back to the 7th century when Islam first arrived in the region. Over the centuries, Islamic names have become increasingly popular in Bengal, and they are now considered to be a part of the region’s cultural heritage.

There are many different reasons why Islamic names have become so popular in Bengal. One reason is that Islam is the dominant religion in the region, and many people want to give their children names that are associated with their faith. Another reason is that Islamic names are often seen as being beautiful and meaningful.

The cultural significance of Islamic names in Bengal

Islamic names have significant cultural importance in Bengal. They are often seen as a way to connect with the region’s Islamic heritage, and they can also be a way to express one’s faith.

In addition, Islamic names are often seen as being beautiful and meaningful. This is why many parents in Bengal choose to give their children Islamic names, even if they are not practicing Muslims themselves.

The challenges of choosing an Islamic name in Bengal

There are a few challenges that people may face when choosing an Islamic name in Bengal. One challenge is that there are so many different names to choose from. Another challenge is that some names may have different meanings in different languages.

It is important to choose an Islamic name that is meaningful to you and your family. You should also consider the cultural significance of the name and whether it is a name that you would be comfortable with your child having.

Tips for choosing an Islamic name for your child

Here are a few tips for choosing an Islamic name for your child:

  • Choose a name that has a meaning that you like.
  • Consider the cultural significance of the name.
  • Make sure that the name is easy to pronounce and spell.
  • Avoid choosing a name that is too common or too unusual.
  • Talk to your family and friends about their suggestions.

The importance of giving your child an Islamic name

Giving your child an Islamic name is a way to honor your child’s faith and to connect them with their Islamic heritage. It is also a way to express your love and care for your child.

When you choose an Islamic name for your child, you are giving them a name that will be with them for the rest of their lives. It is a name that will represent their faith and their identity.